California fire crews make progress containing wildfire

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A report on September 28 stated that fire crews battling the huge wildfire in Northern California are making progress containing the flames with the help of weather conditions, according to an article from the Sacramento Bee.

U.S. Forest Service spokesperson Michael Williams said additional rain showers and some thunderstorms helped firefighters in containing “King Fire” by 89 percent. The wildfire reportedly scorched more than 100 square miles of a heavily vegetated region in the eastern part of Sacramento. Several homes and other structures were also ravaged by the wildfire in El Dorado County. The man charged with arson for causing the massive wildfire pleaded not guilty. and is currently being held in El Dorado County Jail with a bail of $10 million.

Unfortunately, Bastrop County also suffered from a massive wildfire two years ago. If your insurance company is still not releasing the benefits you need to repair your home, the lawyers at Williams Hart may represent you. Find out how we may possibly pressure negligent insurers to release your much needed funds today by calling (800) 639-8460.

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Fire breaks out in Smithville as anniversary of Bastrop wildfire nears

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A wildfire broke out in Smithville several days before the third anniversary of the devastating Bastrop County wildfire, reported on Tuesday, September 2.

Fire crews reportedly fought the blaze that started at around 2:00 p.m. in the 100 block of Krchnak Road and ravaged more than 15 acres of vegetation. It took crews almost two hours to completely contain the fire. It was originally supposed to be a controlled burn, but dry and windy conditions made the flames unmanageable. Fire Chief James Elam stated that they quickly responded by tapping other fire departments to contain the area fast.

At least 34,000 acres were ravaged by wildfire in Bastrop in 2011 that destroyed almost 2,000 houses and killed two people.

The lawyers of Williams Hart believe that many Bastrop residents are still traumatized by their experience three years ago. However, if your home was damaged by the historical wildfire and have had problems in getting reimbursement, we can possibly work for you. Call our office today at (800) 639-8460 to find out how we may be able to help.     

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Emergency Management Coordinator recounts Bastrop wildfire experience

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An Emergency Management Coordinator in Bastrop County recounted his experience during the wildfire that struck the county three years ago, KTBC FOX 7 reported on September 5.

According to Mike Fisher, the first 72 hours of the incident were critical for his team, as they attempted to coordinate with other resources on September 4, 2011. Over 1,500 houses were ravaged and two people were killed by the wildfire. The wildfire three years ago also displaced thousands of people in the area. Fisher is looking forward to the recovery of Bastrop State Park; he stated that three million native seedlings would be planted over the next three years.

Sadly, many Bastrop residents are still affected after losing their homes in the wildfire that struck the county three years ago, and some of them have not received reimbursement they need from insurers. If you are experiencing this, the Bastrop attorneys at Williams Hart may advocate for you. Discuss your situation with us today at (800) 639-8460, and learn about your legal options.

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Hundreds of California homes threatened by wildfire

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More than 100 homes in Northern California have recently been threatened by wildfire, an article of The Christian Science Monitor stated on August 25.

Reports said some 400 firefighters on August 24 battled the blaze that ravaged hundreds of acres of vegetation near Weaverville. The fire spread fast due to strong winds and dry weather conditions. According to California fire spokesperson Daniel Berlant, at least 150 homes located at the northern part of the town are now threatened. It has forced officials to temporarily shut down portions of the main highway, cancel school, and advise residents to evacuate.  At the time of reporting, the fire was only 25 percent contained.

Unfortunately, a wildfire also ravaged Bastrop County where thousands of homes were destroyed. In addition to struggling to cope with the sentimental losses of this tragedy, some were wrongly denied their insurance claim, adding undue financial stress to those affected. Find out how the lawyers of Williams Hart may advocate for you today by calling (800) 639-8460.

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Hundreds of acres in South Texas ravaged by wildfire

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A wildfire that recently broke out in southern Texas ravaged hundreds of acres and destroyed one reportedly empty house, KEYE TV reported on August 10.

According to reports, at least six fire departments responded to a wildfire that broke out in the rural area of Jackson County on August 8. Fire crews utilized a bulldozer to create ditches that prevented the fire from spreading further. Though no one was reportedly injured in the wildfire, a vacant house was burned. Fire crews remained in the area until evening to contain the areas that were still smoldering. Authorities are attempting to determine what caused the fire.

Unfortunately, wildfires like this also happened in Bastrop County a couple of years ago, and many families lost their homes. The Houston lawyers of Williams Hart know that people whose homes were damaged by wildfire faced insurance companies that delayed or denied them payment. If you think you are being unjustly denied the repair funds  you need, call us today at (800) 639-8460 to find out how we may help you.

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Dozens of additional fires in California sparked by lightning

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Hundreds of people in Northern California were evacuated after dozens of additional wildfires caused by lightning afflicted the area, an article in the Washington Post stated on August 1.

At least 120 people in Modoc County were already displaced from their homes due to the severe fire, and over 700 hundred fire crews are having difficulties battling the fire due to steep terrain, California Fire spokesperson Dennis Mathisen said. As of the time of the reporting, the fire has been contained by five percent. Over 40 wildfires have already broken out in California due to lightning strikes.

Unfortunately, many families have still not recovered from the devastating wild fires that ravaged Bastrop County several years ago. If your home has been destroyed and your insurer failed to provide you with the compensation you believe you deserve, a lawyer may be able to help you secure the compensation you need. Find out how the lawyers of Williams Hart can fight for you today by calling (800) 639-8460.

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Hundreds of Washington homes evacuated due to wildfire

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Over 800 homes have been evacuated and a highway was closed due to a wildfire that broke out in Washington, NBC News reported on July 17.

Reports said a state of emergency was declared in at least 30 counties in Washington as fire crews fought the fire that blazed out of control due to strong winds. Authorities closed Highway 2 due to a fire near Leavenworth that also forced residents to leave their houses. The fire that ravaged the west was reportedly caused by lightning seen 70 miles away in Seattle. Aside from Washington, other states like California, Utah, Oregon and Nevada also experienced wildfire conditions.

Not long ago, Bastrop County also experienced the powerful destruction of wildfires, and thousands of houses were destroyed. Unfortunately, some residents are still struggling to receive the funds they were due from their insurance companies. If your insurance company continues to deny you the funds you need to cover damage caused by the Bastrop County wildfire, find out how the Houston legal team at Williams Hart may advocate for you today by calling (800) 639-8460.

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Wildfires raged over holiday weekend in CA

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Several fires burned statewide in California over the July 4th weekend, USA Today reported on July 6.

In a rural neighborhood in the uppermost part of the state, firefighters maintained a fast-moving blaze, preventing it from reaching a group of forty homes. Another fire that erupted near the Monticello Dam occupied the primary force of firefighters in the area. It destroyed around seven square miles and caused irreparable damage to two homes.

Across state, a Southern California fire forced the evacuation of 200 homes and shut down all holiday events. Although 220 acres were overtaken by the blaze, only two homes were affected.

The residents of Bastrop County can relate to these devastating California fires. In 2011, Texas wildfires left thousands of people homeless. If you experienced this and your insurance provider is delaying or refusing to honor its financial obligations to you, the attorneys of Williams Hart may work for you. Call them today at (800) 639-8460 to learn about your legal options.

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Travis County to utilize wildfire detectors

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The City Council of Travis County approved funds for a pilot program involving the installation of wildfire detectors to increase the reaction time to a fire and prevent damages, The Horn reported after the June 12 city council meeting.

The pilot project to be conducted by the Austin Fire Department was approved in a council meeting, and two more FireWatch of America detectors will be purchased at $175,000 each. Though there is already an existing wildfire detector installed in West Lake Hills, another two detectors will be placed in Travis County that can sense fire from a 10 mile distance. FireWatch Texas President Alfred Stanley explained the triangulation of three sensors can accurately detect where the smoke is coming from. After a year, the effectiveness of the program will be reviewed.

In 2011, thousands of houses were ravaged by Bastrop County wildfires. If you are a property owner that continues to struggle getting the funds you need for restoration, the lawyers at Williams Hart may advocate for you. Learn more by calling (800) 639-8460.

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Bastrop homes threatened by grass fire

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Houses in Bastrop County were recently threatened by a grass fire that broke out over approximately two acres, the Austin-American Statesman reported on June 9.

Reports said fire crews and volunteers from Bastrop and Bluebonnet on June 5 were on the 100 block of Keanahalululu Lane at around 3:00 p.m. to extinguish the grass fire that already burned an estimated two acres of land located near some homes. Though no residential properties were damaged, it took fire crews three hours to contain the grass fire. Most people returned to their homes even as fire crews still worked on fire risk areas. Fire Chief Josh Gill stated that safety measures in conducting fires are needed to prevent out-of-control situations like this.

If you continue to experience insurance companies unwilling to repair your damaged Bastrop County home, the lawyers at Williams Hart may represent you. Our lawyers may work for you to gain the funds you need from insurance companies to repair your damaged home. Tell us your story today at (800) 639-8460 to find out how we may advocate for you.

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