“Firewise” held in Grey Forest City

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Homeowners, Grey Forest City officials and other departments in Texas recently gathered to discuss ways to address wildfire threats, the San Antonio Express-News reported on January 28.

During the “Firewise” program conducted last week, city residents and personnel from different departments were taught how to potentially diminish wildfire damages and practices that may help prevent wildfires. Program coordinator Nick Harrison stressed the importance of being prepared and the crucial role of homeowners in the event of a wildfire. In the program, Harrison also urged residents to come up with a wildfire action plan. The U.S. Department of the Interior, federal Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters co-sponsored Firewise.

The legal team of Williams Hart believes that many Bastrop County residents are still struggling after their homes and property were destroyed by wildfire in 2011. If you believe that your insurance company is acting in bad faith by denying or delaying funds you are entitled to under your policy, our lawyers may possibly work for you. Discuss your situation with us today at 800-639-8460 to learn more about your legal options.

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Multiple wildfires ravaged thousands of acres in Central Oklahoma

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Several structures were damaged and some residents were displaced from their homes after multiple wildfires broke out in Central Oklahoma, News On 6 reported on January 19.

People from three locations were ordered to temporarily relocate while firefighters fought the fire that started in Hiwassee and spread to Coyle. Fire crews battled three more fires after containing the first one, resulting in an estimated 1,300 acres of land burned and one house, several barns and other structures were reportedly damaged. Farmers in the affected area worked to secure their animals. Both lanes of Interstate 35 that were affected by the fire were closed by state patrols after vehicle accidents were reported. Residents returned to their homes after 6:00 p.m. the same day. Fire fighters experienced difficulty battling the fire due to strong winds.

Unfortunately, this wildfire also happened in Bastrop County three years ago, and many people lost their homes. However, if you are still being denied reimbursement to fix your Bastrop home, the insurance bad faith lawyers of Williams Hart may represent you. Call us today at 800-639-8460 to learn how we may possibly help you get your much needed home restoration funds.

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Bastrop County continues its restoration efforts

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Bastrop County broadens its efforts to recover the area after the huge wildfire that took place three years ago, myfoxaustin.com reported on January 2.

According to EMA Director Mike Fisher, the expanded recovery effort in Bastrop “kind of helps Mother Nature along.” Fisher stressed the importance of the erosion control work in the continuous recovery of the county. County officials will focus on how to maintain areas that were not ravaged by fire and implement preventive measures. By next winter, Bastrop will experience further recovery as small trees will be ready to merge with fully grown trees. The wildfire ravaged 34,000 acres of land in Bastrop resulting to almost 2,000 houses burned.

Though Bastrop is continuing to recover from the great wildfire, there are still homeowners whose homes were damaged are struggling to get their funds needed to restore their damaged houses. If you are in such a situation, the attorneys of Williams Hart may possibly work for you. Find out how we can work to get your insurance reimbursement today by calling 800-639-8460.

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Wildfire reduction study approved in Bastrop County

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Commissioners in Bastrop County recently permitted a company to assess the wildfire risk in the county in an effort to reduce and prevent devastating wildfire, an article of Statesman reported on December 11.

Reports said Anchor Point Group was approved by the Bastrop County Commissioners to study the wildfire risk throughout the county. Emergency Management Coordinator Mike Fisher stressed the importance of the study to ward against future wildfire risks. Anchor Point Group will be funded by the county. Part of the study will include maps tracking historic wildfires and geological features that may contribute to risk.

The lawyers of Williams Hart firmly believe that many Bastrop County homeowners are still recovering from damage caused by the wildfire that broke out in 2011. If you are in such a situation, our lawyers may help you deal with insurance companies that are delaying or refusing to honor your claims. Discuss your situation with us by calling 800-639-8460 today.

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Bastrop State Park seeking help to restore forest

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Bastrop State Park officials are looking for kind-hearted individuals who will help plant 500,000 trees in the forest that was burned by wildfire in 2011, kvue.com stated on December 4.

According to reports, the reforestation project will begin this month and is expected to end by early February of next year. those participating in the reforestation effort will plant loblolly pine trees. Volunteers, from school groups and Texas A&M University students, are expected to participate in the park’s third annual reforestation effort. The Bastrop State Park sustained 96 percent damage from the massive wildfire that broke out in 2011.

If you or someone you know lost a home in the Bastrop wildfire three years ago and still are having problems getting funds from insurance companies, the Bastrop County lawyers of Williams Hart may represent you. Our lawyers may possibly be able to force negligent insurance companies to release your much needed funds to restore your house. Consult with us today at 800-639-8460 to learn more about your legal options.

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Bastrop County home reconstruction project ended

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The Austin-American Statesman reported on November 26 that one home reconstruction project taken on by the Bastrop County Long Term Recovery Team (BCLTRT) came to an end.

According to reports, the last home constructed by the team was given to Julie and Daniel Gutierrez. The Gutierrez’s house was part of the 133 houses built by the BCLTRT. The couple was one of the many people in Bastrop who lost their homes in the wildfire three years ago. Relatives, volunteers and friends gathered at Gutierrez’s newly built house on November 22 for the dedication ceremony. BCLTRT board president Christine Files stated that the funds used for the recovery program came from the American Red Cross, business donations, and religious organizations.

Unfortunately, many people in Bastrop County whose homes were ravaged by the wildfire are still homeless or struggling due to insurance companies that acted in bad faith. If you are in such a situation, the Bastrop County lawyers of Williams Hart may help you pursue the funds needed to repair your house. Find out how we may help you today by calling 800-639-8460.

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Plan established in Central Texas to reduce wildfire threat

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Austin and Travis County established a plan to help reduce fire risk in Central Texas, an article on kxan.com reported November 14.

Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell signed the “Community Wildfire Protection Plan” to help homeowners prevent their home from being damaged by wildfire. Authorities spent two years developing a workable plan to reduce property damage and injuries in the event like this. This new strategy was spurred by the Bastrop and Oak Hill fires almost three years ago. Austin Fire Department wildfire program manager Jim Linardos recommended, among other preventative measures, to regularly clear gutters and promptly dispose of dry leaves and shrubs. The plan is expected to be implemented in other communities in Texas with high wildfire risk.

The legal team at the Williams Hart Law Firm know that many Bastrop County homeowners are still not getting financial reimbursement from their insurance company to restore their homes damaged by the wildfire three years ago. If your insurance company is still giving you problems, our lawyers may work for you. Call us today at 800-639-8460 to learn more about your options.

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Bastrop County fire crews to advance skills at Camp Swift

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Fire crews in Bastrop County are attending training at Camp Swift, one of the largest wildfire academies in the U.S., statesman.com reported on October 23.

Reports said fire crews across the state and nation will attend the yearly Capital Area Interagency Wildfire and Incident Management Academy from October 24 until November 6. Public information officer Jan Amen said that the training’s focus will be on how to respond safely to wildfires and the most effective ways to reduce risk in a large number of situations. Fire crews who will attend the training will be able to choose from a variety of different classes that suits their level of expertise and interests. The training is made possible by several federal and state departments in Texas.

The wildfire that destroyed thousands of homes in Bastrop County in 2011, unfortunately, continues to haunt many homeowners. However, if  your insurance company is still acting in bad faith by not releasing your much needed restoration funds, the lawyers of Williams Hart may work for you. Find out how we may possibly obtain your much needed funds today by calling (800) 639-8460.

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Okanogan County wildfire victims blame state officials

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Residents whose homes were destroyed in the Carlton Complex wildfire are blaming the state’s fire personnel for how they responded to the blaze, an article on king5.com reported October 23.

Dozens of citizens reportedly gathered in a meeting organized by the Okanogan County commissioners to address residents’ concerns about how the state’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) handled the wildfire that spread to over 200,000 acres. Some residents stated that the DNR refused to take the steps necessary to save their burning house. The DNR’s manager Loren Torgerson stated that fire personnel are obliged to follow certain protocols, and that they did their best to fight the Carlton Complex fire. A lawyer recently filed a tort representing 65 homeowners whose property was ravaged by the fire.

The legal team of Williams Hart knows that there are many Bastrop County residents whose homes are not yet restored after the wildfire that broke out in the area three years ago. If you are in such a situation and you are still being denied your reimbursement benefits, we may possibly work for you. Find out how we can help obtain your much needed restoration funds today by calling (800) 639-8460.

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Residents displaced in Yosemite wildfire

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Residents from at least 60 houses were displaced in the Foresta, California  after a wildfire reportedly broke out on October 8, an article on abc30 stated.

According to reports, the wildfire that started around 3:00 p.m. along El Portal road has already burned more than 200 acres of vegetation located along the stretch of Highway 140 that separates the Yosemite Arch Rock Entrance and Yosemite View Lodge. The fire prompted the evacuation of several dozen homes. One pilot’s plane went down on the way to aid the containment effort.

Unfortunately, a devastating wildfire also broke out in Bastrop County only several years ago that resulted in thousands of houses being destroyed. If your insurance company is still not releasing the benefits you need to restore your house damaged by Bastrop wildfire, the lawyers at Williams Hart may work for you. Contact us for a free consultation today at (800) 639-8460 and find out how we may represent you.

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