Costs that Could Affect You

After a wildfire, homeowners and business owners could be left facing extensive property repairs and replacement costs. Unfortunately, most people are not prepared for the costs associated with wildfire damage. Even if your property is not completely destroyed in a fire, the financial burden of repairing and replacing aspects of your home and property can be heavy for homeowners and business owners alike. However, you may be entitled to insurance benefits.

If you or someone you know has had his or her home or business damaged by the 2011 Bastrop wildfires, contact the experienced Bastrop fire insurance claim attorneys of Williams Hart today by calling 800-639-8460 to discuss your financial compensation. We can help you seek the benefits you deserve from your insurance provider.

What Costs are You Facing?

Wildfire costs can vary greatly among homeowners and business owners depending on the amount of damage that a home or business sustained because of the blaze. Some potential costs include:

  • Rebuilding a home or business
  • Replacing damaged or ruined equipment
  • Repairing foundation / structural work
  • Repairing fences and landscaping

These are just a few of the many potential costs facing those affected by the Bastrop wildfires or Steiner Ranch wildfires. Therefore, it’s critical that homeowners and business owners explore ways to get financial assistance to help offset these costs.

Contact Us

If you or a person you know has suffered damage because of the Bastrop wildfires and is interested in seeking financial assistance for repair costs, your insurance provider may be obligated to cover your costs. To learn more, contact a knowledgeable Bastrop fire insurance claims lawyer of Williams Hart by calling 800-639-8460.

Note: Williams Hart's primary office is 8441 Gulf Freeway, Suite 600, Houston, TX 77017-5051. The Leon Law Firm's primary office is One Sugar Creek Center Boulevard, Suite 980, Sugar Land, Texas 77478.

Williams Hart and The Leon Law Firm are taking joint responsibility for potential cases as co-counsel.

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