3 Things Homeowners Should Have for an Insurance Claim

Many homeowners filed claims with their insurer after their houses were damaged or destroyed in the Bastrop County fires. However, some of these insurers were unwilling to provide the benefits that policyholders were due according to the terms of their contract. As a result, homeowners were left to foot the bill of the wildfire damages.

If you have lost your home in the wildfires, you may be fighting for coverage from your insurer. At Williams Hart, we take up our clients’ fights for them so that they can focus on the day-to-day undertaking of rebuilding a life. To learn more about how we can help, contact your local Bastrop fire insurance claim attorneys today by calling 800-639-8460.

Important Aspects of an Insurance Claim

The language and terminology of insurance is noted for its impenetrability to laypersons. Since you may not have a full grasp on all of the technical terms found in an insurance policy, it is good idea to bear in mind that the following are important aspects of preparing a successful claim.

#1: Proof of Loss

Insurance companies often want their policyholders to prove that their property was damaged as reported in the claim. In particular, taking pictures and offering other forms of evidence can prove vital to strengthening a policyholder’s claim to coverage.

#2: Receipts and Other Records

It is important that any information about the value of property at the time of the fire is provided for the insurer. This information helps the insurer figure out how much to pay to the policyholder. In cases of bad faith from the insurer, an insurer may not pay out according to these receipts.

#3: Information

An insurer needs to recognize when they are being mistreated by an insurance company. Policy providers have the responsibility to timely issue benefits pursuant to policy amounts and terms. If this fails, a policyholder should know their legal options.

Contact Us

If the wildfire damaged your home and your insurance company is refusing to pay, we may be able to help. For more information regarding your options, contact the Bastrop fire insurance claim lawyers of Williams Hart at 800-639-8460 today.

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