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The wildfires that ravaged Central Texas damaged over 1500 homes and left many wondering how to move forward after this horrible disaster. Residential and commercial property insurance is designed to help people get the financial support they need to repair or rebuild after such a disaster, but upsettingly, many insurance providers may try to hold out on their policy holders. By underpaying or refusing to provide compensation to the people that dutifully paid their insurance premiums every month, an insurance company may be illegally denying people the funds they need and deserve.

If your insurance company is failing to provide you with the compensation promised to you in your insurance policy, help is available. The Bastrop fire claims lawyers of Williams Hart have experience dealing with unscrupulous insurance companies and can help you fight for the money you need to repair your property and move past this devastating event. Contact our offices at 800-639-8460 to discuss your situation with a member of our compassionate legal team.

How We Can Help

Most people expect their insurance companies to adhere to their policies and provide compensation in the event of an accident or disaster. When this doesn’t happen, however, and insurance companies underpay policy holders or refuse to pay anything at all, it can leave people confused about how to proceed. Without considerable legal experience, it can be difficult to take on these companies and hold them accountable to the contracts they signed, which is why it is important to secure the assistance of an attorney with experience taking on these big insurance companies.

There is no reason that an insurance company should deny you the financial support you have earned after making regular premium payments. If this frustrating situation has taken you by surprise, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer and fight for justice.

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At Williams Hart, we know that you may be confused when an insurance company fails to do their part after an accident, but we can help you fight for what you need to put your home or business back together. Call our offices at 800-639-8460 to contact our Texas wildfire insurance claims attorneys today.

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Williams Hart and The Leon Law Firm are taking joint responsibility for potential cases as co-counsel.

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