Residents near Yosemite displaced by wildfire

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Several residents outside the Yosemite National Park in California were temporarily relocated after a wildfire broke out, KCRA reported on June 7.

Information coming from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention revealed that an estimated 24 acres of land were affected by the wildfire that hit the southern portion of Mariposa. The fire was approximately 15 miles away from several houses in the vicinity of the national park. Sheriff’s deputies in Mariposa County helped evacuate people whose homes were threatened by the fire. Authorities are probing the cause of the blaze.

This kind of catastrophe happened in Bastrop County in 2011, leaving thousands of people with serious damage and destruction to their homes. The legal team of Williams Hart knows that many Bastrop residents are still being denied the repair funds they need by their insurers. If you are in such a situation, call us today at 800-639-8460 to learn how we may help you fight insurance companies acting in bad faith.

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Alberta residents displaced after wildfire may return home

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Residents in Wabasca may now safely return to their houses after a huge wildfire recently broke out several kilometers away from the area, CBC News reported on May 26.

According to reports, an estimated 4000 people in Wabasca were forced to leave their homes on May 24 after scattered wildfires ravaged the province. The wildfire that officials believed was ignited by lightning affected 200 hectares of land about 10 kilometers away from Wabasca. Though the majority of the wildfire has been contained by Northern Alberta fire personnel, officials stated that other wildfires may occur in other provinces due to forecasted lightning.

Sadly, not long ago a massive wildfire broke out in Bastrop County, causing damage to thousands of properties. If you are a property owner who is still being denied insurance money to cover damages to your home, the lawyers of Williams Hart may work for you. Find out how our skilled lawyers may pursue the funds you need today by calling 800-639-8460.

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Central Texas areas missing wildfire plans at risk

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A recent investigation revealed that some areas in Central Texas have high wildfire risks due to the lack of a protection plan, KXAN reported on May 8.

Central Texas reportedly is one of the places in the U.S. identified as having a high wildfire risk, a recent wildfire report revealed. According to experts, the plants and trees that are nurtured during winter are potential threats during the summer season. Belinda Williams, whose Bastrop home was also lost in the massive wildfire in 2011, believes in the importance of having a wildfire protection plan; these plans include evacuation routes, the identification of areas particularly at risk, and instructions on how to reduce hazards.

The Bastrop legal team of Williams Hart know that families affected by the 2011 Bastrop wildfire are still waiting for funds from their insurance to restore their homes. Speak with a dedicated attorney from our practice today if your insurance has been delaying or denying your funds by calling our offices at 800-639-8460.

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Bastrop wildfire victims may recover damages

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Certain Bastrop homeowners whose homes were badly damaged in the monumental wildfire that struck the area nearly four years ago may possibly recover some losses after two lawsuits were recently filed against a Pennsylvania-based company, the Austin American-Statesman reported on April 16.

Reports said the lawsuits alleged that Asplundh Expert Tree Company committed grave negligence that resulted in the massive wildfire that struck Bastrop County in 2011. The homeowners involved must have had their house devalue by at least 25% as a direct result of the fire. Asplundh is being blamed for improperly maintaining trees and vegetation. Electrical utility company Bluebonnet contracted Asplundh for five years.

The lawyers of Williams Hart understand that many Bastrop homeowners whose homes were damaged in 2011 wildfire are still being denied insurance benefits. If you believe this has happened to you, we may possibly help you file a claim against those responsible. Find out how we may work for you today by calling 800-639-8460.

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Wildfire threatened houses and a school in Minnesota

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A wildfire that recently broke out in Hugo threatened nearby homes and an elementary school, an article on KARE 11 reported on April 16.

According to reports, fire crews from four fire departments worked together to contain the wildfire that broke out near the intersection of Enfield Avenue North and Prairie Trail. A dispatcher from Washington County stated that one of the houses was located about 100 feet away from the urban wildfire. The fire reportedly broke out after the state’s Department of Natural Resources released a weather update warning of wildfire risk. Wildfires in the state reportedly have increased by two folds compared to last year.

Not long ago, rampant wildfires like this spread far beyond control and ruined thousand of houses in Bastrop County. The legal team of Williams Hart believes that many residents in Bastrop are still struggling to get the funds they need to restore their homes from reluctant insurance companies. If you are in this situation, call us today at 800-639-8460 to find out how we may work for you.

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Several structures threatened by wildfire in Colorado

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At least three homes in the southeastern part of Colorado were threatened by a wildfire, an April 2 article of KUSA-TV reported.

Reports coming from the state’s Emergency Management said the wildfire affected about 100 acres of land in the area after it broke out on March 31. The three houses that were threatened by the fire were located in the vicinity of Arkansas River, according to the La Junta Fire District. Authorities believed that the fire was caused by an agricultural burning that was not extinguished properly. During the fire, some highways and roads were temporarily blocked as fire crews contained the blaze.

The lawyers of Williams Hart know that many Bastrop County homeowners had their homes ravaged by the wildfire that broke out not so long ago. If your home was damaged by the fire and you are still being denied the insurance payments due to you, our legal team may work on your behalf for the funds you need. Find out how we may help you by calling our offices at 800-639-8460 today.

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Bastrop officials to hire wildfire mitigation personnel

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Commissioners in Bastrop County recently approved the staffing of the county’s program to reduce and prevent wildfire risk, the Austin American-Statesman reported on March 11.

The 14 positions that will fill the wildfire mitigation project of Bastrop will help remove wildfire fuel within an estimated 4,000 acres of vegetation that was ravaged by the 2011 wildfire. According to coordinator Mike Fisher, the project is expected to start before June. The staffing reportedly will consist of one special project coordinator, one administrative assistant, and 12 special project operators. County officials’ aim is to prevent wildfire from quickly spreading as it did four years ago. The staffing salary will be funded through the $4 million award granted to Bastrop by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Fisher also said that they will notify private property owners in April for the project team to clear the vegetation.

Sadly, there are still homeowners whose Bastrop homes were ravaged by the 2011 wildfire who are still having trouble receiving reimbursement from their insurance companies. If you believe you are in such a situation, the lawyers of Williams Hart may work on your behalf for the funds you need. Speak with us today at 800-639-8460 to learn more about taking legal action.

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Dozens of houses threatened by wildfire in Arkansas

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At least 75 houses in Arkansas were recently threatened with damage after several wildfires broke out, stated on February 18.

According to reports, there were a total of 105 wildfires in several parts of Arkansas on February 14 and 15 that damaged nearly 3,000 acres of land. The Arkansas Forestry Commission (AFC) worked their way to prevent the fires from reaching the houses in the area. AFC stated that the massive wildfire was triggered by humidity levels that became extremely low on February 14. The February, March, and April are considered wildfire season in Arkansas.

Unfortunately, a massive wildfire became extremely destructive in Bastrop County a few years ago, and thousands of homes were ravaged. If you are one of the many people whose insurance companies are refusing or delaying payment on fire damage claims, the legal team of Williams Hart may help you pursue the funds you need in court. Discuss your situation with us by calling 800-639-8460 today, and learn how we can help.

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Over 16K San Antonio homes threatened in the event of a wildfire

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A new report by CoreLogic revealed that at least 16,559 San Antonio area homes are at risk of being damage in the event of a wildfire, a San Antonio Business Journal article stated on February 26.

According to the real estate firm a total of $3.78 billion worth of houses in San Antonio and New Braunfels metropolitan areas are at “high” or “very high” risk of getting damaged by wildfire. Overall, an estimated 900,000 houses in the western portion of the U.S. can be expected to experience damaged in an event of a wildfire. Bastrop County reportedly experienced the worst wildfire in 2011 where thousands of houses were damaged.

The legal team of Williams Hart understands that there are still homeowners in Bastrop County who are having hard time getting their insurance reimbursement to repair their houses that were damaged in the 2011 wildfire. If you are in a similar situation, we may be able to help you seek financial compensation for associated damages and/or injuries. Call us today at 800-639-8460 to learn more about your legal options.

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Thousands of trees given to Bastrop residents

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Over 20,000 trees were recently given to Bastrop residents for the continuous recovery from the wildfire that ravaged the area in 2011, KXAN reported on February 7.

Reports said people in Bastrop have already planted more than 1 million trees after the fire broke out that destroyed 1,600 houses and scorched 34,000 acres of vegetations. Several Bastrop groups reportedly helped plant the trees. “TreeFolks” executive director Thais Perkins stated that their goal is to plant 2.2 million trees, and the trees that they planted before are continuing to grow. Area resident Cyndi Poe, whose house was also damaged in the wildfire, stated that residents become more vigilant after the wildfire.

Though continuous efforts are being made for the full recovery of Bastrop County after the wildfire, many homeowners whose houses were damaged are still being denied the funds they need to restore their homes. If you are experiencing this, the lawyers of Williams Hart may work for you. Find out how we may possibly help you fight insurance companies acting in bad faith today by calling 800-639-8460.

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